Are you concerned about what comes out of a hospital toilet when flushed?


Research by Univ. of Colorado as seen on USA Today, CNN, Fox News & Others.

The Fact Is

Aerosols spread bacteria, viruses and excreted hazardous drugs.

This creates a risk of exposure to nurses, EVS, other healthcare workers and patients.

SPLASHBLOCKER® is the Solution!

An Engineering Barrier Control proven to block toilet plume aerosols at their source.

Pads tend to get sucked into toilet bowls due to negative pressure, resulting in clogged pipes and estimated plumbing repairs and room closures.

A viable alternative

To Plastic-Backed Blue Pads

Business Case:

  • As a disposable item, an 80 bed hospital calculated spending upwards of $13,000 per year for pads
  • Disposal of pads adds $8,500 cost per year and creates 4.3 tons of landfill waste
  • Plumbing repairs and room closures cost $105,000 / year

We have a better solution

We have developed the SPLASHBLOCKER®, an engineering barrier control which is readily available, affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

We Have

The Data

  • SPLASHBLOCKER® has been studied in two scientific studies at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences laboratory using sophisticated measuring equipment employed by the EPA, NASA, and the airline industry. The testing protocols were designed by experts in aerosol research and hazardous drug safety.
  • Preliminary data was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene in 2022.
  • Subsequent testing confirmed the initial results, and showed superiority of the SPLASHBLOCKER®compared to plastic-backed pads.

Scientifically Tested, Clinically Accepted

Offering a solution that doesn’t fit in with nursing workflow is not a solution. SPLASHBLOCKER®has been successfully used in dozens of hospitals across the U.S. Don’t just take our word. In follow-up surveys, nurses have stated:

“It helps protect me when disposing of bodily fluids of patients receiving chemotherapy. It’s an extra line of protection against exposure. “

“It protects caregivers from any kind of exposure. Its use should be supported by all nurses and PCTs. I will bring this to our employee health manager. “

“I feel more confident emptying urinal and urine catchers. I don’t have to worry aobut the risk of anything splashing back on me. “

“I feel I am protecting myself better since I am in a hurry and don’t always follow all of the hazardous drug precautions. “


Product Highlights

A Chemical-Resistant, BPA-Free, Compliance-Driven, Novel Engineering Barrier Control The SPLASHBLOCKER is easy to use and built to last.

Built to Last

Made from durable polycarbonate and has a life expectancy of one to two years.

Cost Effective

Saves hospitals and healthcare facilities on product inventory as well as on disposal and landfill costs.

Easy to Use

Light-weight (less than 1.75 pounds) and its product handle can fit all hand sizes.

Better for the Environment

The SPLASHBLOCKER is recyclable and it is made of a revolutionary, medical grade, chemical resistant, BPA-free copolyester.


Experts Agree

For over twenty years, NIOSH has been researching methods for reducing or eliminating exposure to HDs. Organizations such as ONS have adopted NIOSH guidelines into their own guidelines, and have included engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We know that PPE does not prevent environmental contamination and that HDs can be transferred throughout the healthcare facility.


The SPLASHBLOCKER®is an engineering barrier control that protects workers from aerosols generated from flushing institutional toilets which may contain HDs and their metabolites, or infectious agents such as bacteria or viruses. As such, it joins other engineering controls such as biological safety cabinets and closed system transfer devices which are designed to protect the healthcare worker and environment.”

Thomas Connor, PhD Retired Research Biologist, NIOSH, and SPLASHBLOCKER® Study Designer


As oncology nurses, we’ve been concerned for decades about the risk of exposure to hazardous drugs (HDs) when flushing a toilet. We know what’s in excreta and there’s ample evidence to support this. While our guidelines have recommended covering the toilet with a disposable plastic-backed pad, we’ve never had scientific evidence to demonstrate efficacy, and there have been ongoing concerns regarding cost, environmental, and plumbing issues. We now have scientific evidence to demonstrate how the SPLASHBLOCKER® significantly reduces exposure and environmental contamination.

– Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN, BMTCN
Member of Study Team

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