Instructions For Use

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to pouring anything into a toilet, follow your facility’s policies for the selection and use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

Step 1

Hold SPLASHBLOCKER® at an angle to use as a shield to block splash when emptying urinal or bedpan.

Step 2

Place the SPLASHBLOCKER® on top of the toilet bowl to prevent Toilet Plume Aerosol from escaping from the toilet. Flush the toilet.

Step 3

In locations where patients are receiving hazardous drugs, cleaning the SPLASHBLOCKER® with bleach wipes is recommended. Other antimicrobial wipes can be used in other clinical locations. Please refer to disinfectant / decontamination guidelines on the Cleaning Protocols page.

Step 4

Store the SPLASHBLOCKER® by hanging it on a wall near the toilet. Use the hook to hang on the wall.



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