SPLASHBLOCKER® Processing Guidance

Cleaning & Disinfection

After each use, clean and disinfect the SPLASHBLOCKER® in accordance with the CDC Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare. This includes the use of an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant according to the label’s safety precautions and use directions.

Accessible version (May 2019) available online HERE.

Hazardous Drug Deactivation

Additional processing may be required by your facility if there is potential exposure to hazardous drugs. Refer to deactivation properties for appropriate processing on the drug label if exposure to a hazardous drug is a concern. According to USP 800, for hazardous drugs, products that have known deactivation properties (EPA-registered oxidizing agents that are appropriate for the intended use) should be used when possible.

Accessible version (USP 800) available online HERE.

Accessible version (NIOSH Hazardous Drugs List, 2016) available HERE.

"It protects caregivers from any kind of exposure. Its use should be supported by all nurses and PCTs. I will bring this to our employee health manager."

Product Testimonial – Nurse

"It helps protect me when disposing of bodily fluids of patients receiving chemotherapy. It's an extra line of protection against exposure."

Product Testimonial – Nurse

"I feel I am protecting myself better since I am in a hurry and don't always follow all of the hazardous drug precautions."

Product Testimonial – Nurse



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